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What Launch Monitors does Fairway Factory use?

We use Trackman launch monitors

How many holes can I get in per hour?

For a single player you can finish all 18 holes, for 2 people you can finish 18 in about 2 hours. Anything over 2 people we say 3 hour session would be most fitting for your needs. Give us a call if you need more answers about time and what you can get done.

What can you do on the Trackman?

On the Trackman you are able to play over 200 courses around the world, also you can hit the driving range to get all your yardages dialed in and see all the data from your swing to better your game. You will also be able to play mini games as well such as closest to the pin and capture the flag and long drive competition and much more!

Why use an indoor simulator?

Main reason to use an indoor simulator is to get to know your game better. You can check out all the data from your swing to help you fix it. You are able to see where you hit the ball on the face of the club to even seeing your club path. Another big reason is time, you are able to play a round of golf in 1 hour instead of 4-5 hours on a normal course. There's many reason why using an indoor simulator would help your game and it will show over time.

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